Phil Elmore
300 Hylan Drive #227
Rochester, NY  14623

US +1.315.391.1626

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9 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Lide DuRant

    Thankyou very much for your website, the Martialist and for the materials you publish there. I am a part of the audience for whom you wrote SHEH and I was really excited to find that you’ve made it available as a download. I’ve just started reading it, but am enjoying it very much.

    I have visited the Martialist many times and have used your recommendations to purchase both “Attackproof!” and “Strictly Street Stuff.” I have read your martialism manifesto and agreed with much of it. You have given me a lot to think about.

    Just wanted to give you some thumbs up. Please keep up your good work.

  2. Ed Walsh

    How did you install the belt clip on your RAVEN 25? Let me know ok?

  3. Nice to meet you Phil. I just purchased my first weapon, a Glock 23 and then selected the Blackhawk #7 “Inside the Waist” holster which I read in your article was an unsafe thing to do becuase of the Glock’s light trigger. What holster do you suggest?

    Pastor Willie

  4. Hi Phil:
    We met on the old Firing Line forum back in 2001 We had both been onlookers to a couple of Virtual Tough Guys slugging it out in a thread discussing the infamous Texas Unibrow Ninja LOL. Anyway I’m a board moderater over at of which you are also a member, and I’d like to ask your permission to post your Field Guide To Internet Trolls in our moderator forum there. Your guide is an excellent educational source in the art of troll spotting and I believe that it would help our site staff a great deal.

    Mike Weber

  5. terry

    Howdy,phil,watched your videos, dont see much of Bill in them,except in the circle of paqua.Did you ever know Bill? I find quite a bit on the comment lines about him but have found very few who actually knew or studied with him.Most of us who did are rather long of tooth and we have mixed emotions of passing it on. I had two good students, in new mexico, Silviano Tucker and Scot Sowanik. You might be able to look them up.I am still in contact with most of the living original students.

  6. If by “Bill” you mean Master Reeders, no, I didn’t know him. My training in the Liu Seong Gung Fu system has been exclusively with Sifu Dan Donzella in Syracuse, NY.

  7. Hieu

    I live in Vietnam I personally learned a lot from Phil Elmore God bless Phil Elmore