Alarm Sounded Over Google ‘Stranglehold’

Monday, October 1, 2012
By Phil Elmore

Google has been described as having a “stranglehold” on the search engine market, which theoretically could make or break anyone on the Web.

So does it?

“Google definitely ‘sandboxes’ websites,” asserts Jeff Ramos, a branding, social media, and public relations expert based in New York City.

To be “sandboxed” is to be excluded from organic search results because one uses Search Engine Optimization tactics of which Google disapproves.

But he says the real problem is that no one outside of Google can know for sure how the search engine is treating various companies, interests, and even viewpoints.

“How Google works will always be a mystery except for within the walls of Google itself,” he said. “The danger in understanding how their algorithms work is [that] if it’s understood, the affiliate marketers will have a field day and, in essence, alter ‘reality’ as a result. As so many people rely on Google to serve accurate results, anyone who can control those fully, controls what people know – and that’s dangerous.”

The ongoing changes to Google’s search algorithm lately have been prompting website owners across the Internet to wonder about the power Google exercises.

Read the full article here in WND News.

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