Jerry and Sharon Ahern’s “America Undead” (by Phil Elmore)

Tuesday, December 5, 2017
By Phil Elmore

As a teenager I was a huge fan of Jerry Ahern, whose series The Survivalist was not just entertaining, but also educational. Jerry knew his way around firearms and never failed to fill his books with knowledge. He was also something of a frustrated science fiction author, as most of his books eventually veered into science fiction territory as they progressed. I collected most, if not all, of Jerry’s work, in the process discovering that he co-wrote with his wife, Sharon.

Before Jerry’s death, he and Sharon conceived a new story idea — one involving vampires. Jerry took me up on an old author I made, as a fan of his, to co-write something with him. “America Undead” was born. I can’t tell you how it makes me feel to know that something I wrote — the first chapter of “America Undead” was among the last things he ever read. I am saddened he cannot be here to see the finished product, but honored to be able to contribute to the Aherns’ writing legacy in this small way. Get your copy of Volume One of the “America Undead” series here.

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